Clubs and Jams

The Music Rooms Jam

During school holidays, The Music Rooms provides events for your little ones which include a large range of activities including concerts, music workshops, dance workshops, games and sports, drama workshops, discos, arts and crafts, talent shows and lots, lots more…

It is available for kids of primary school age. For more information on dates and pricing contact us.

Ukulele Club / Guitar Club

The Music Rooms is the perfect place to get your Uke on. This happy sounding instrument is not only super sociable, but studies show that it can also help to increase levels of helpfulness and sympathy. From Pearl Jams, Eddie Vedder to Jack Johnsons Surf Rock sounds… the Ukulele has something to offer everyone.

Our guitar club has many benefits for beginners. In fact, learning to play the guitar is hugely beneficial generally. Plus… you look super cool while you’re doing it! Come and unleash your inner guitar hero at The Music Rooms Guitar Club.

Ukulele and Guitar club both take place in a group setting, which means it is perfect as a stepping stone before one to one lessons. It is pay as you go and is ONLY £5 per person. Each week the group will learn new fun songs in a laid-back atmosphere.

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