Guitar Club

Guitar Club – Group Guitar Class

Learn to play the guitar with The Music Rooms. Our Guitar Club offers the perfect learning atmosphere for beginners. A relaxed group setting helping give you the confidence to progress to one on one lessons.

Our guitar club has many benefits for beginners. In fact learning to play the guitar is hugely beneficial generally.

From stress relief to confidence building it is an all round winner for keeping you mentally active and healthy.

Plus… you look super cool while you’re doing it!

Come and unleash your inner guitar hero at The Music Rooms group Guitar Club.

  • Group setting.
  • £5 per person.
  • Pay as you go.
  • Learn a new song each week.
  • Laid back fun atmosphere.
  • Great way to start your musical journey.
  • Can be used as stepping stone to one-to-one lessons.

guitar club

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