Drum Teacher

At The Music Rooms we provide professional Drum Lessons, taught by professional Drum Teachers.

For those looking to improve and beginners.

We have a range of Drum lessons, Tuition and Drum Teachers available.

We are passionate in our recruitment of the most talented Drum Teachers.

Drum Lessons are available at all grade levels for adult and child learners.

drum teacher

To become a Music Rooms’ Drum Teacher you have to be the best.

At The Music Rooms we take time to recruit only the top Drum Teachers. 

And only those who can really pass on their knowledge make it to become a Drum Teacher at The Music Rooms.

So you can be safe in the knowledge that your Drum Teacher will be of the highest possible standard, when you take Drum Lessons at The Music Rooms.

Every Drum Teacher at The Music Rooms must prove they are suitable to work with children by passing an Access NI background check.

To enquire about starting Drum Lessons with a professional Music Rooms’ Drum Teacher. Please Contact Us today! Or check out our Drum Lessons page for more info.

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