Music Repairs

We offer an unrivalled local music repairs service that goes above and beyond any other music business in town.

One of our professionals will take a look at your instrument, call you with a price and if you’re happy to go ahead with it, we can have it ready to go again in around a week.

From tuning to jack repairs… We offer a comprehensive catalogue of music repairs services as listed below:

Our repair services include the following:

  • Guitar Repairs
  • Wiring: General, Upgrades, Vintage,
  • Capacitor Upgrades, Treble Bleed
  • Pots: Cleaning and upgrading/push pull etc
  • Changing Pick Ups
  • Setup: Truss Rod Adjustment, String Height & Intonation
  • Guitar Re-Frets
  • Changing Machine Heads
  • Changing and Filing Nuts
  • Tremolo Setup: Normal & Floyd Rose
  • Neck Replacement
  • Pick Guard Replacement
  • Jack Repairs
  • P.A Repair
  • Amp Repair
  • Drum Kit Repair
  • Drum Kit Tuning
  • Saxophone Repair
  • Flute Repair
  • Trombone Repair
  • Trumpet Repair
  • Clarinet Repair
  • Oboe Repair

If the issue is not listed above, give us a call we can fix just about anything.

Enquire About a Repair

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