Kids Music Club Junior Jammers

Kids Love Music…

That’s what made us set up the popular Junior Jammers – our dedicated Kids Music Club.

Junior Jammers at The Music Room is the perfect place for children to get a fun introduction to the world of music. The children love it.

We believe music should be fun no matter what age you are. But at Junior Jammers Kids Music Club the emphasis is definitely on FUN.


“It really is the best Kids Music Club around”

Kids Music


Junior Jammers Kids Music Club

The Low Down

  • Fun Kids Music Club.
  • Age range 3-6 year olds.
  • The 6 week music course is £30 per child.
  • Learn about rhythm, melody, basic notes, keeping time, identifying sounds, co-ordination.
  • Play a range of instruments.
  • Take part in a performance.
  • Sing
  • Great way for kids to socialise and meet new friends.
  • Great for building confidence.
  • Perfect stepping stone to choosing an instrument to learn.
  • Learn loads of basics.
  • Ukulele’s, shakers, cowbells, tambourines, egg shakers, kazoos.
  • Structured learning
  • Discount for siblings

At the end of the 6 weeks we will recommend the next step for your child. That could be starting a new instrument or continuing with a more advanced Junior Jammers Music Course.


To enquire, talk to us, or book onto Junior Jammers Kids Music Club please Contact us today

Kids Music

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