Band Workshop Urban Jammers

Urban Jammers Band Workshop

Playing in a band and with other musicians is what has inspired our teachers and countless others to make music a career.

We want to give that opportunity to every student at The Music Rooms as well as offer it to students outside of our music academy.

Urban Jammers is where the dream of playing in a rock band comes true.

Our Band Workshop gives everyone the opportunity and enjoyment of playing in a band. And with dedicated mentors who develop each band, your band will be rocking out.

band workshop

Urban Jammers Band Workshop

The Low Down

  • Band workshops for students aged 8-18.
  • Not exclusive to Music Rooms students.
  • Play in a band.
  • Name the band.
  • Make friends.
  • Learn songs and write songs.
  • Play gigs from small intimate venues to large theatres of over 300 people.
  • Gain confidence and self-belief.
  • Each band gets to work with a top industry professional mentor.
  • Weekly sessions.
  • From as little as £5 per week!
  • Improve your instrument.
  • Pick up/try another instrument.
  • Discounts for siblings.


To enquire, talk to us, or book onto Urban Jammers Band Workshop please Contact us today.

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