Casio Privia PX-S7000 in White

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1 in stock


The New Apex of Design and Sound

The Privia PX-S7000 is a true work of craftsmanship that redefines the standard of digital pianos. This model combines the integrated aesthetics with built-in pedals and stand that can be appreciated from any angle, with Casio’s innovative sound technologies and authentic touch of a grand piano. Feel the quality and beauty of the PX-S7000 and discover a new level of harmony it brings to your life.

  • Fully integrated design with clean, simple lines that looks great from any angle.
  • Available in three colour variations: Harmonious Mustard, black and white. Designed to fit seamlessly into any interior style.
  • New Spatial Sound System technology uses four individually driven full-range speakers housed in a rigid structure made from a wood/resin composite material.
  • Piano Position function optimises the acoustics depending on where the digital piano is located (Standard, Wall, Center, Table).
  • Stunningly authentic acoustic grand piano tones courtesy of Casio’s unique Multi-Dimensional Morphing AiR Sound Source.
  • Includes a group of carefully crafted acoustic piano and electric piano tones as heard on specific well-known hit songs.
  • Smart Hybrid Hammer Action Keyboard combines an advanced physical keyboard mechanism with digital control technology for highly expressive playability.
  • High-quality tactile pedals close in feel to an acoustic grand piano.
  • Standard phone MIC IN jack (TS phone) with dedicated MIC VOLUME knob to connect a microphone that can be used with various vocal-enhancing Microphone Effects.
  • Connect the included Wireless MIDI & Audio Adaptor (WU-BT10) and listen to music using Bluetooth® Audio from your smartphone or tablet through the PX-S7000 speaker system.
  • Top panel LED illumination display complements the style of music playing.
  • Height adjustable piano stool created in collaboration with Seki Furniture’s CRASH GATE brand. Constructed of high-grade natural wood, the stool is both functional and a beautifully designed piece of furniture (sold separately).
  • CASIO MUSIC SPACE app for smartphone and tablet to make learning and playing music even more fun.
  • Clean lines and design simplicity that look great from any angle and echo the traditional aesthetics and quality of an acoustic piano, including the integrated stand and pedals.
  • Available in three colour variations: Harmonious Mustard, black and white. Designed to fit seamlessly into any interior style.
    * HM variation is polished to a high-quality piano luster.
  • Stand finished in wood-grain with lines that match the piano itself.
  • Colour of the spaker fabric that matches the body colour.
  • Transparent acrylic music stand included.
  • Pedal unit and metal frame all match the body colour of the piano, as does the included piano cover.
  • Flat top panel with LED touch ring, touch buttons and backlit LCD display.
  • Space-saving form with a front-to-back depth of just 242 mm.


Sound Source

  • Multi-Dimensional Morphing AiR Sound Source produces a wide range of exceptionally detailed and playable tones, including grand piano tones that include the rich resonances of the acoustic instrument.
  • The overtones generated by the piano strings for each of the 88 keys—and the resulting complex body resonances—are faithfully produced to create a beautifully rich and vivid piano tone.
  • The piano tone subtly changes over time and with every nuance of the player’s style, from the softest of touches to powerful, spirited playing.
  • Open String Resonance and Aliquot (additional strings in the upper octaves that are not struck by the hammer, but sympathetically vibrate for a richer tone) Resonance modelling.

Sound System

  • Casio’s new Spatial Sound System technology uses four independently driven full-range speakers to produce a sound capable of filling your performance space. The speaker support structure is constructed from a rigid wood/resin composite material.
  • The outer speakers are equipped with Side Enhancing Diffusers that help produce a wider sound despite the compact size of the piano.
  • Surround function creates a natural, expansive aural experience by adjusting the individual output of the four speakers, each tuned for a particular element of sound in space (selectable from three types).
  • The Hall Simulator/Reverb function recreates the acoustic properties of concert halls and other performance spaces producing a realistic sense of presence.
  • Piano Position function adjusts the sound elements from each speaker according to the location of the digital piano (mounted on the stand, near a wall, in the centre of the room, on a table).


  • 400 built-in tones including acoustic pianos, electric pianos, organs, strings, and more.
  • Includes a group of carefully crafted acoustic piano and electric piano tones as heard on specific well-known hit songs.


  • Smart Hybrid Hammer Action Keyboard allows for highly expressive playing from soft to forceful touch through a combination of advanced physical keyboard mechanism and digital control technology.
  • Like an acoustic grand piano, the key mechanism uses the weight of the hammers so that the keys feel light when played softly but still responsive when played forcefully.
  • White keys are made from a high-quality spruce wood/resin composite material for a natural feel and premium finish.
  • White keys are finished to recreate the natural grain of ivory, while the black keys feature a new matte finish that closely resembles ebony wood in both look and feel.
  • 88-Key Digital Scaling technology means that volume is individually controlled for each key in response to how hard it is played, with the touch weight varying along the length of the keyboard, like a grand piano.
  • Ten-step Hammer Response setting allows you to adjust the timing of the sound relative to how the key is struck and which register is being played, like an acoustic piano.
  • Three levels of Key Off Response control how quickly the sound decays when a key is released. A slightly more legato or staccato feel can be selected to suit the song.
  • The Key Off Simulator controls how quickly the sound fades after a key is released depending on how quickly the key is released. This attention to the finest nuances of how a grand piano responds to the player’s expression is typical of the PX-S7000.


  • High-quality tactile pedals close in feel to those of an acoustic grand piano.
  • Continuously variable damper pedal and soft pedal with two-level adjustment.

Real Time Control

  • Two assignable EX buttons allow for real time switching of settings or calling up CASIO MUSIC SPACE app functions while playing.
  • Assignable CONTROL button for real time tone variation while playing.
  • Pitch Bend Wheel to smoothly raise or lower the pitch of currently sounding notes.
  • A commercially available expression pedal can be connected and assigned tone parameters for real time control.


  • Arpeggiator for playing arpeggiated chords and other musical phrases from keys held down. When using Layer or Split, the arpeggiator can be switched on/off independently for each part.
  • Layer function for layering of two different tones across the entire keyboard.
  • Split function for splitting the keyboard between upper and lower zones with different tones assigned to each.
  • Duet function for splitting the keyboard into two zones of the same register.
  • Registration allows you to save and recall a snapshot of the piano’s current settings, including tone, layer, split and effect settings
  • Piano Remote Controller in the CASIO MUSIC SPACE app can be used to set tone and effect parameters.
  • Metronome function with a variety of patterns from basic click and bell sounds to 20 different styles of drum patterns. Tempo can be set numerically as BPM or by tempo markings such as Moderato.

Connecting a Microphone/Using Microphone Effects

  • Connect a microphone to the standard phone MIC IN jack (TS phone) to hear vocals through the PX-S7000’s speakers. Apply the Hall Simulator/Reverb effect to blend the vocal and Digital Piano sounds.
  • 25 Microphone Effects available to polish, enhance and affect your vocals.

Headphone Mode

  • Headphone mode automatically optimises the sound for listening through headphones, creating a more natural listening experience as if the sound were playing through the speakers.

Audio Recorder

  • Record your playing as a standard WAV audio file either to the internal memory or on a commercially available USB flash drive for playback on a computer or other device.
  • DSP effects and the microphone input (including Microphone Effects) can also be recorded as heard.

MIDI Recorder

  • MIDI recorder allows you to capture your playing as MIDI song data, which can be played back from the Digital Piano – perfect for piano lessons and practice. Data can also be saved to a USB flash drive as a standard MIDI file (SMF) for later playback or for use with a DAW or other electronic musical instruments.

Wireless MIDI & Audio Adaptor (WU-BT10)

  • Connect the included Wireless MIDI & Audio Adaptor (WU-BT10) and listen to music from your smartphone or tablet through the PX-S7000 speaker system.
  • Compatible with Bluetooth® Low Energy MIDI devices allowing you to use the PX-S7000 as a wireless MIDI controller keyboard, for example.
  • Top panel LED illumination display to match the music playing from smartphone or tablet.


  • The CASIO MUSIC SPACE app for smartphone and tablet is the perfect companion to your Casio digital piano, with a wealth of features to make learning and playing music more fun.

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