LAVA ME 3 Red Electric Acoustic Smart Guitar With Space Bag


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Unleash Your Inner Musician with the LAVA ME 3 Red Guitar

Introducing the LAVA ME 3 Guitar with Space Bag in Red colour, your gateway to a world of musical enchantment. Crafted for both novice strummers and seasoned virtuosos, this exceptional instrument delivers a symphony of features that will ignite your passion for music.

LAVA ME 3 Smartguitar Reimagined 
Intuitive. Creative. Powerful. This smart carbon fibre guitar is designed to be the best companion for your musical adventure. With a multi-touch display, the HILAVA OS and incredible apps, LAVA ME 3 will reinvent the way you make music.

Sound, tech, and design come together in this state-of-the-art instrument. After years of dedication, LAVA MUSIC is proud to present a modern addition to our product line and to the guitar family. Presenting new features, design and accessories, the LAVA ME 3 promises to impress.

Discover the Features that Set LAVA ME 3 Apart:

  • Carbon fibre body
  • Built-in effects
  • Looper and recorder
  • Built-in metronome and tuner
  • Link to the app and cloud storage
  • Training programme

Here are the Extra Features:

LAVA Music Guitar AirSonic 2

Our newest carbon fibre composite. The material is 30% more resistant than the previous generation and is durable under different temperature and humidity conditions.


The renowned PLEK Pro machine cuts the frets of LAVA ME 3 to 0.01mm accuracy, allowing exceptional comfort and sound quality.

Mass Design

The breakthrough 4-MASS design technology ensures harmonious vibration of the soundboard, body, neck and the air inside the guitar, greatly enhancing the resonance.

Space-Age Innovation:

The LAVA ME 3 Guitar boasts a groundbreaking design that incorporates advanced AirSonic carbon fibre technology. This space-age material not only makes the guitar exceptionally lightweight but also enhances its resonance, ensuring a rich, vibrant sound that’s unparalleled in the world of acoustic guitars.

Unbreakable Durability:

With the LAVA ME 3 Red, you won’t need to worry about accidental bumps or temperature changes. Its indestructible construction can withstand extreme conditions, making it the perfect companion for your musical journey, whether on stage or in the great outdoors.

Ergonomic Comfort:

The guitar’s one-piece injection-moulded body and ergonomic design ensure optimal comfort during long practice sessions. Say goodbye to fatigue and hello to uninterrupted creativity.

LAVA ME Guitar Colors: Strumming in Style:

Why Choose the LAVA ME 3 Music Guitar?

Effortless Tuning:

Thanks to its integrated FreeBoost technology, you can achieve studio-quality sound without the need for additional pickups or microphones. Effortlessly fine-tune your sound and captivate your audience with every note.

Adaptable Soundscapes:

Whether you’re strumming sweet melodies or unleashing fiery riffs, the LAVA ME Guitar offers a wide tonal range that adapts to your musical style. From folk and Red to rock and classical, this guitar is your ultimate partner in musical exploration.

On-the-Go Convenience:

The Space Bag, included with your LAVA ME 3 Red Guitar, provides the perfect balance of protection and portability. Safeguard your instrument while on the move and never miss a chance to share your music with the world.

Loop Feature in LAVA ME 3

A favourite of the LAVA Team, the loop feature allows the user to play and record along to drum beats from Rock to RnB, Hip Hop, Jazz, EDM, Bossa Nova, and Dubstep. The loops can then be saved, uploaded, and edited after being recorded. Tempo, time signature, and duration can all be edited with the intuitive HILAVA System.

Download the LAVA+ App Now!

LAVA ME 3 White Electric Acoustic Smart GuitarLAVA ME 3 White Electric Acoustic Smart Guitar


LAVA + is the new app downloadable on IOS or Android systems. A community of global guitarists can now easily communicate, share music, and track each other’s improvements over time. The APP connects directly with the players’ personal LAVA ME 3 giving them various information from time played, data space, and specific guitar specs.

To get the most out of your LAVA ME 3 guitar watch the video guides and tutorials. Remember to Activate your guitar to open up its full potential. Click HERE!

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