Rovner Proteus Rectangular Bore Clarinet Barrel 65


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Superior intonation and greater ease of play for every level player. Allows the player to personalize the playing experience by simply rotating the barrel to the position that yields the preferred tone and most dynamic response. Can be positioned vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Groundbreaking design increases tonal dimension, and results in more even scales and provides better articulation and projection. Constructed of a polymer with Pro-Finish, an attractive texture similar to woodgrain.

Engineered to generate the broadest, most even harmonic spectrum, the Rectangular Bore Barrel is a superb choice for the woodwind “doubler” who finds that saxophone “chops” are a bit loose for clarinet, and who might otherwise tend to play flat when switching instruments.

The Rectangular Bore Clarinet Barrel can help your marching band players be heard! It can elevate the level of performance of even a sub-par instrument, and will optimize the playing experience in any setting.

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