Tanglewood Blackbird TWBB SD E Electro-Acoustic Guitar in Smokestack Black

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Tanglewood Blackbird TWBB SDE Electro Acoustic Guitar

The Tanglewood Blackbird TWBB SD E is an exceptional electro-acoustic guitar with rich tones and versatile performance capabilities. Crafted with precision and quality materials, this instrument suits professional musicians and aspiring players.

Building on the global success of our Crossroads range of instruments, our design team have created a whole new range of guitars, inspired by the cosmetic of 1940/50’s era US instruments with the class leading constructional signature of Michael Sanden and the Tanglewood artisanal team.

Every Blackbird model is carefully braced to provide a tight bottom end bass note and clear rich high spectrum resonance.

We have bound each model in vintage ivory ABS materials to provide the look of Bakelite from the 40’s, and though this won’t affect the sound, it certainly helps give provenance to the historic look our design team wished to capture, and to our mind, they have done a wonderful job.

We have both traditional acoustic models and stage ready electro acoustic versions available, all featuring the outstanding new Tanglewood Premium Plus Eq system as standard equipment.

The rich smoky charcoal stained finish we have christened “Smokestack Black“ and we hope, amongst the range you will be able to choose your own favourite!

Comes with a gig bag and a free lesson!

Tanglewood Blackbird TWBB SDE Guitar Specification:

TYPEElectro Acoustic with Built in Tuner
SHAPESlope Shoulder Dreadnought
TOPHand Selected Mahogany
STRINGSBronze Light
ELECTRONICSTanglewood Premium Plus
FINISHSmokestack Black Satin
Full SpecificationTWBBSDE

Tanglewood Blackbird Review and Features:

Design and Build:

The first aspect that captures attention is the exquisite design and Build of the Tanglewood Blackbird TWBB SD E. Its body is meticulously constructed using high-quality tonewoods, providing excellent resonance and projection. The top is made from solid spruce, while the back and sides feature mahogany, offering a perfect balance of warmth and clarity in the sound. The guitar’s natural satin finish enhances its aesthetics and allows the tonewoods to breathe and mature with time.

Body Shape and Size:

The TWBB SD E features a classic dreadnought body shape, renowned for its powerful and well-balanced sound. The large, rounded body contributes to a robust bass response, making it ideal for various playing styles, including strumming and Flatpicking. The guitar’s comfortable body size ensures extended playing sessions without fatigue.

Electronics and Amplification:

Equipped with premium electronics, the Tanglewood Blackbird TWBB SD E excels as an electro-acoustic guitar. It incorporates a high-quality preamp system with built-in controls, offering precise tonal adjustments. This allows players to plug into an amplifier or sound system for live performances, studio recording, or any situation that requires Amplification without sacrificing the guitar’s natural acoustic tone.


The TWBB SD E is designed for outstanding playability, catering to players of all skill levels. Its smooth mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard provide a comfortable feel, allowing for easy chord changes and seamless soloing. The guitar’s action is set up expertly, striking the right balance between string height and ease of play, further enhancing the overall playability of the instrument.

Sound Quality:

Regarding sound quality, the Tanglewood Blackbird excels. Thanks to its premium tonewoods and well-engineered construction, it produces a warm, resonant tone with precise articulation and excellent projection.


The TWBB SD E’s versatility is one of its key strengths. Its ability to deliver a full, rich acoustic sound while providing exceptional amplified performance makes it a go-to instrument for musicians who require adaptability in various musical settings. This guitar can handle it with finesse, from intimate acoustic performances to rocking stages.

Value for Money:

Considering its high-quality construction, excellent sound, and versatile features, the Tanglewood Blackbird Guitar offers exceptional value for money. It provides the performance and craftsmanship of more expensive guitars without breaking the bank, making it an attractive choice for players seeking a reliable and affordable electro-acoustic guitar.

Whether in the studio, on stage, or at home, this guitar impresses and inspires players with its exceptional performance.

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