Rehearsal Space Antrim Now Open

The Perfect Practice Room for Hire…

The Music Rooms Rehearsal Space Antrim is now open and taking bookings.

Rehearsal Space

Band Practice Room

The state of the art facility at our Antrim venue uses cinema sound-deadening technology and is equipped with the best gear.

It’s the perfect place for bands or artists to practice in peace, without neighbours or family getting annoyed by the noise.

Competitively priced to encourage local talent, you can book the space from £20 for two hours.


The equipment supplied includes:

  • Mapex 4 piece kit (cymbals not provided)
  • Marshall Stack (Lead 100 Mosfet head & cab)
  • Laney combo
  • Peavey XP Series Bass head & cab
  • Peavey PA amp
  • 2 x Cerwin Vega speakers
  • 2 x mics on boom stands


For all further info check out the Rehearsal Space page.

Call 0845 680 3405 to book your slot.


Our Rehearsal Space is…


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