Primary & Secondary School Music Tuition in Northern Ireland

Music Tuition Northern Ireland

The Music Rooms currently provide music tuition to various primary and secondary schools across Northern Ireland. In our School Music Tuition, we simply bring our brand of fun, organised, results-driven tutoring to the classroom across a range of instruments.

We currently provide drums, theory, guitar, bass, brass, vocals, piano and woodwind to schools but can offer much more, so if your school or your child’s school want to introduce music lessons or if their lessons need a shake-up or a more consistent service, just give us a call.

school music tuition

Primary Schools



We are delighted to now offer our market leading course for up to 7 year olds – Junior Jammers – to our primary schools!

For children to pick up an instrument and excel we believe they need to start as young as possible and our Junior Jammers is the perfect way to develop them on their musical journey.

Using ukulele’s, kazoo’s, bells, chimes, shakers, singing and various other instruments we will have the children singing and playing in no time and from this we will be able to recommend an instrument for them to take from primary 4 onwards.


The Music Rooms can offer individual and group lessons to schools across a range of instruments some of which are listed above.

Our lessons are structured (whether working toward a grade or learning for fun).

Teachers are consistent and programmes are all overseen by our teaching co-ordinator. We can also offer schools the option of our band workshops – Urban Jammers.

Playing music is fun but playing in a band is the ultimate experience and under the guidance of one of our professional music teachers, we can place students into a band and further enhance their learning experience and musical ability as they practice together. The Music Rooms also organise events throughout the year that give their students a platform to perform.

Secondary Schools

We offer the exact same service to secondary schools as is described in our section above for P4-P7. In addition we also offer specific tuition for Music GCSE and A level in relation to theory, practical and performance pieces.

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