Video Tour of Northern Ireland’s NEWEST & BEST Independent MUSIC SHOP in Ballymena


It’s kinda tongue and cheek saying “New Music Shop in Ballymena”, especially when our old music shop (across the street) has been here for over seven years now. Or even “Northern Ireland’s Best Music Shop” because we already have our two other music shops in Antrim and Coleraine and they are also pretty awesome, but our new shop in Ballymena is definitely a music shop you’ll want to explore!

It’s the kind of music shop that music enthusiasts will just love spending time in and for the people who don’t even play and step through the door simply for a nosey – they will get lost in the excitement of wanting to learn an instrument or buying an instrument for the first time.

Ballymena’s #1 Music Shop & Tutoring Specialists

We have now launched our new music shop at 5 Church Street Ballymena, BT43 6DD and we can wait for the people of Ballymena and across Northern Ireland to come and visit us.

Buy musical instruments (downstairs) or learn an instrument (upstairs)

We plan to continue as we have always done. We are here to sell music equipment, instruments, accessories and so much more from our shops in Antrim, Ballymena and Coleraine and of course via our website that is open 24/7 for sales, all year round. So if you can’t get into one of our shops, get us online and place your order here.

Shop features

  • Easy access
  • Car parking nearby
  • Toilet facilities
  • Spacious layout
  • Trendy shop design
  • Amazing display of products
  • Top brands
  • Relaxing vibe
  • Experienced staff members

The Benefits of Music Lessons

Everybody knows that learning to play an instrument is hugely rewarding not to mention fun… but what about the other benefits of music lessons?!

playing the violin

… and there are MANY!!! We have listed just a few of them for you here…

#1 Academic – Research has found that practising to play an instrument increases IQ, creativity and the potential to develop in linguistics.

The brain is forced to work harder and this reflects in the development of skills in other areas too.

#2 Social – Group music activities create a sense of community. It also encourages team work and acceptance of cultural diversity.

#3 Patience – Learning to skilfully play an instrument takes time and discipline.

In a world where so much gratification is required instantly… it is important to teach children that patience, in music and in general, is most definitely a virtue.

#4 Self Confidence – Since there are no shortcuts in music lessons, students learn to accept criticism constructively and then experience the joy of improvement.

A sense of security in themselves is cultivated which translates to life as self-confidence.

#5 Illness – Music is, by nature , relaxing and has been proven to lower stress hormones.

It is an excellent combat for anxiety and depression in children, which are both sadly on the rise.

Not only can music lessons help target mental illness, they can also help to alleviate the trauma of some physical illnesses too…

guitar lessons

The benefits of music lessons are endless. What are you waiting for? Sign your little one up now!


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