The Music Rooms has the X Factor

TV shows likes the X Factor are putting vocals slap bang in the spotlight. People love to sing. And we love vocals at The Music Rooms. Singing lessons are crucial to the success of any group or band.

And one of the most important roles, if not thee most important, in a band is the singsinging lessonser.

Think about it… If you ask someone to name a member of any band they are likely to say the lead singer.

Singing lessons are fun and with Vocal Lessons at The Music Rooms you will soon be impressing your friends with an X Factor worthy performance or giving your band that all important confidence at the front of the stage.

And for all new Vocal Students in November and December 2013 it’s First Lesson Absolutely FREE, so call us now on 07837 201058 and book in for your FREE Singing Lesson!



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