Ukulele Club

Ukulele Club – Group Ukulele Class

Learn to play the Ukulele at one of our Music Rooms venues. Build your confidence in the laid-back group atmosphere of our Ukulele Club and learn a new song each week.

Ukulele Club at The Music Rooms is the perfect place to get your Uke on! Apparently there is a mini Ukulele boom happening… and why not?! This happy sounding instrument is not only super sociable but studies show that it can also help to increase levels of helpfulness and sympathy. From Pearl Jams Eddie Vedder to Jack Johnsons Surf Rock sounds… the Ukulele has something to offer everyone! Come along to The Music Rooms group Ukulele Club to find out more.

  • Group setting.
  • £5 per person.
  • Pay as you go.
  • Learn a new song each week.
  • Laid back fun atmosphere.
  • Great way to start your musical journey.
  • Can be used as stepping stone to one-to-one lessons.


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