Why choose Music Lessons at The Music Rooms?

Why choose Music Lessons at The Music Rooms?If you’re thinking about taking up or improving on Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano, Keyboard, Vocals or Music Theory why should you choose The Music Rooms Ballymena?

Well here are few good reasons:

Affordable, Fun, Professional

  • No large term payments
  • Simply Pay weekly
  • Our teachers are young, friendly professional musicians who have walked the walk in the modern music world
  • Fun relaxed, atmosphere
  • Have it your way, learn what you want. If that’s grades, cool, if not that’s fine by us… it’s your time and musical journey!

Here’s what one of our students who’s taking Bass and Theory Lessons with us at both our Randalstown and Ballymena Branches had to say recently:

“Just wanted to say that I’m really enjoying my lessons and tonight especially I feel like I learned a lot, and I don’t think I would have without your teachers (who are great in general) and the relaxed atmosphere. I really couldn’t do it if it was like school. So thanks.”

So if you want professional music lessons from highly skilled music teachers in a relaxed atmosphere then give us a call.

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