Rehearsal Space

Need rehearsal space for your band? 

We have fully-equipped rehearsal spaces in our Ballymena and Antrim units and they are a perfect place for your band to practice.

 rehearsal fisheye2
ent Specification

Drum Kit, 2 Guitar amps, Bass amp, PA system with 2 mics

  • 4/5 piece kit with hardware (cymbals not provided)
  • 2 x guitar amps
  • Bass Amp
  • P.A System (with mixer for extra mics and channels if required)
  • 2 x mics on boom stands
  • Sound proofed room for you and your band to hire out at a time that suits you!

Drummers must bring their own cymbals

You must bring your own instruments, cables and any extra mics required

rehearsal normalPrices

£25.00 for 2 hours

£30.00 for 3 hours

Our Rehearal Space is clean, warm and already being used by a wide selection of musicians including indie, rock, pop, blues, jazz and underground bands – practice to your heart’s content.


To enquire about our band rehearsal space, Contact Us today!

Fully kitted out with top quality, reliable equipment makes it just what a gigging band needs when it comes to a stress free practice room…” Coldshot

Rehearsal Terms of Use
  • At least one member of your band – or someone who has provided written consent (via email) on behalf of the band – must be 18 years old or over
  • The booking of the Rehearsal Space is for the purposes of music practice only
  • No illegal activity is permitted within The Music Rooms premises
  • No alcohol or drugs are to be consumed on our premises
  • No anti-social behaviour is permitted
  • Bands are granted access to the Rehearsal Space and Toilet and the corridor between them. The rest of the premises are out of bounds.
  • The equipment and room must be treated with respect, any abuse to the equipment or The Music Rooms premises could result in a further payment being taken from your card to cover the cost of the damage