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Since 2012, The Music Rooms is your one-stop destination for all things musical instruments and music lessons. With an extensive collection of products and resources, we offer a unique online experience for music lovers of all backgrounds and interests.

Our experienced staff know our instruments inside out and our music teachers are some of the best tutors in Northern Ireland. 

Buy a musical instrument or purchase music lessons for kids, teenagers and adults, today! 

Music School Northern Ireland / Online Music Lessons (UK & NI)

Specialists in music classes and private one-to-one music lessons at our Antrim, Ballymena and Coleraine music schools or ‘Learn from Home’ via our Online Music Lessons Virtual Studio.

Learn music from the comfort of your own home with our trending and very popular private one-to-one music lessons online

We are the one-stop-shop for all your music needs, i.e., Musical Instruments UK & Northern Ireland and Music Lessons in the UK & Northern Ireland.
The Music  Rooms is the perfect destination for Music Enthusiasts of all skill levels beginner, intermediate and advanced.

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Discover Your Inner Musician with Our Quality Instruments!

Welcome to our online the Music Rooms store, where you can find the best instruments to help you unleash your creativity and become the musician you’ve always dreamed of being. Our collection of musical instruments includes drums, keyboards, pianos, and other instruments that are perfect for beginners and seasoned musicians.

Whether you’re a professional musician looking to upgrade your gear or a beginner who wants to learn how to play an instrument, we have everything you need. Our instruments are made from high-quality materials and designed to deliver exceptional sound quality so that you can create beautiful music you’ll be proud of.

Male playing acoustic guitar fitted with a capo - music lesson

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Music Lessons Offered By Music Rooms!

Music rooms offer a wide range of music lessons to help you improve your skills on a musical instrument or learn a new one. These lessons are taught by our professional instructors with vast experience teaching various instruments and musical styles.

Some of the most common music lessons offered by the Music Rooms in Antrim, Ballymena and Coleraine include:

Guitar Lessons

Drum Lessons

Bass Lessons

Banjo Lessons 

Bass Guitar Lessons  

Clarinet Lessons 

Flute Lessons 

Mandolin Lessons

Musical Theatre Lessons

Music Theory Lessons 

No matter what type of music lessons you are interested in, music rooms can provide a supportive and inspiring environment to help you improve your skills and achieve your musical goals. 

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Rehearsal Space Offered By Music Rooms!

Music rooms not only provide music lessons, but they also offer rehearsal space for musicians to practice and prepare for performances. These rehearsal spaces are typically equipped with all the necessary equipment and resources to help musicians hone their craft and perfect their performances.

We have rehearsal spaces open in both Ballymena and Antrim available for hire. This comes with the use of equipment including :

PA system with two mics

Drum Kit (cymbals not provided)

A soundproof room for you and your band to hire out at a time that suits you.

Overall, music rooms provide a supportive and inspiring environment for musicians to rehearse and perfect their craft. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned-pro, music rooms can provide the space and resources you need to achieve your musical goals

Transform Your Music Experience with Our Wide Range of Instruments!


The Music Rooms offers various instruments to cater to every need and preference. From acoustic, electro acoustic, electric and bass guitars by the world’s best brands like FENDER, SQUIER, FAITH, CRAFTER, SIRE, TAKEMINE to name a few, we have something for everyone.


We also have multiple drums, including electronic and acoustic drum sets, cymbals, and drumsticks. The top brands include - MAPEX, ALESIS and a bunch of accessories from HAYMAN, NOVA, DUNLOP and LOS CABOS.

Keyboard & Piano

We have an extensive collection of keyboards and digital pianos for keyboard enthusiasts, including models from renowned brands such as MEDELI, MONTFORD, ROLAND and CASIO.

Folk & Traditional

Choose from the very best and most popular folk and traditional musical instruments including banjo, ukulele and mandolin. The best brands here are BARNES & MULLINS, FENDER, LAKA, TANGLEWOOD and ORTEGA.


Our classical musical instruments from the strings, brass and woodwind sections - violin, trumpet, trombone, tin whistle, recorder and flute. With big brand names like GENERATION, MILLER BROWNE and ODYSSEY.

Keyboard & Piano

We have an extensive collection of keyboards and digital pianos for keyboard enthusiasts, including models from renowned brands such as MEDELI, MONTFORD, ROLAND and CASIO.

Our musical accessories cross over a wide range of categories, products and brands to include things like acoustic guitar stands, effects pedals, cases, capos, tuners, leads and cables, strings and straps and hundreds of others.

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Our Music Rooms FAQ's

Experts In Music

Our team of experts are here to help you find what you are looking for, be it music lessons or a new musical instrument. All of our staff are experienced musicians so you can be assured that we will guide and advise you based on exactly what you need, and that is why we are so highly rated and respected.

UK Musical Instrument & Equipment Shop

We want to make buying an instrument fun, exciting, enjoyable and without the stress or worries of thinking you might buy the wrong item. You can talk to our Music Rooms musicians who are always available if you have a question about an instrument or other music product. You can also purchase our online music lessons via our online store or visit one of our high street shops to have a look and feel and get a chat with our retail assistant’s musicians.

Our High Street Music Shops and UK & Ireland Delivery Options

You can visit our high street Music Shops in Antrim, Ballymena and Coleraine in Northern Ireland but if you’d rather shop online it’s good to know that we deliver across the UK into Scotland, England, Wales and all areas of Ireland on a daily basis.

What Musical Instruments and Music Equipment do we stock?

Big Brand Products

Our shop stocks a wide range of instruments, accessories, and equipment from the best-known brands like Fender, Blackstar, Sire, Boss, Roland, Tanglewood, Casio, Faith, Squier, Vintage, Mooer, Alesis, Ernie Ball, Martin, Elixir, D’Addario, Rotosound, Dunlop, Hohner, SX, Crafter, Music Man, Remo, Kinsman, Rathbone, Vic Firth, Stagg.

What kind of instruments do you offer?

We offer a wide range of musical instruments, including acoustic and electric guitars, violins, drums, keyboards, digital pianos, and more.

Are your instruments suitable for beginners?

Yes, we offer instruments that are suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Private Music Tuition

If you are on the hunt for private music tuition we can help. Our music teachers are experienced in every musical instrument group such as brass, percussion, keyboard, woodwind and strings. Most commonly we teach guitar violin, piano, saxophone, trumpet, music online and at our music teaching facilities in Antrim, Ballymena and Coleraine.

Rehearsal Space for Bands in Antrim, Ballymena & Coleraine
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We sell mostly to Musicians, Singers, Bands & DJs

Our online music store is packed full of top quality instruments, PA and sound equipment for singers, bands, DJs, music producers, beginner students and people who simply fancy a new instrument or an upgrade to their existing music gear. We also sell to churches, schools, restaurants, bars and entertainment companies all buying from us online.

Types of Instruments

The list of actual products in our shop is vast. Here is a list of what to expect inside of our online shop.

Instrument Accessories, Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Bass Guitar, Brass Instruments, Drums & Drum kits, Electric Guitar, Guitar Pedals, Harmonica, Mandolin, Piano & Keyboard, Pro-Audio, Strings, Ukuleles and Woodwind to keep this list short.

How long does shipping take?

Shipping times may vary depending on your location and the specific instrument you are ordering. However, we strive to deliver all orders as quickly as possible.

Do you offer any music lessons or tutorials?

Yes, we offer music lessons and tutorials to help you get started with your new instrument. Please contact us for more information on our music lessons and tutorial offerings.

Summer Jam 2024 Near You

Where is Summer Jam 2024?

This year we will be holding multiple activity summer camps in several locations including Ballymena, Belfast and Antrim.

We’ll be in: –

-Ballymena: 15th July and 5th August in Gracehill Primary School Galgorm

-Belfast: 29th July in YMCA Belfast (East)

Antrim: 12th August in Antrim Primary School