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Drum kits for beginners – Our best suggestions and advice for getting started with a beginner drum kit

Why choose the drums?

If you have a natural feel for rhythm and groove you’ll be off to a great start and couple that with a willingness to learn the only thing that can stop you from becoming great is yourself.

The great thing about learning the drums is that you can start at any age. It’s a skill that, once you have learned, will be with you for life. Practice and commitment will see you improve but we all have to start somewhere right?

Apart from looking and sounding cool, learning the drums is also a great way to boost confidence, reduce stress, keep fit and of course annoy the neighbours at times!

If you are here then playing the drums has already appealed to you so here are some things that you may or may not have pondered:

Are the drums easy to learn?

As previously mentioned if you pick up rhythms easily, can clap and keep a beat in time and have a good level of natural coordination then you will find it easier than someone who finds these things difficult.

That said, like learning any new talent there will always be a learning curve. Challenges will only help you improve and push yourself to get better so enjoy your journey.

It shouldn’t matter if you find it easy or not because the more you practice the better you will become! This leads to our next point…

How often should I practice?

Learning a new instrument should be fun first of all, so enjoy getting to grips with your drum kit. Ideally, you should try to spend at least a few hours a week and in the beginning, you might find this easy.

Practising more often will see you improve quickly and the better you get the more you will enjoy it. If possible, set a schedule and define when and where you can practice.

This will develop a good routine and the discipline that can be required to learn any musical instrument.

Life has a funny way of messing up our best-laid plans so even if sometimes you can’t devote 30 minutes a day to your kit, an hour a week should still see improvement in your skills. If you want to find out how long it will take you to learn the drums check out our article here.

What is a good age to start drumming?

Some articles will say that for kids the best age is between 9 and 13 but any age is a good age to start drumming!

As adults, we have a better idea of time management and the commitment required to master new talents.

As long as you have the drive, the time and the energy you can drum.

Learning new skills is a great way to boost your brain by keeping your mind agile as you get older and the stress relief and self-expression through drumming can be a great mood lifter. Not to mention the physical exertion can be a good workout too.

How expensive is playing the drums?

Like picking up any new hobby there is an initial outlay but drumming isn’t expensive as you might think.

For starters, you may want to just pick up a set of drumsticks and bang on some practice pads first and they can cost around £60. Even household objects pots, cans, and Tupperware bowls can all be adapted to provide a basic kit.

 Of course, nothing “beats” the real thing so depending on what you are looking for and how much you’re willing to spend this can range from a few hundred pounds up to a few thousand pounds.

It will also be wise to invest in some decent hearing protection because things will get loud. There are various types of earplugs, earmuffs and noise-cancelling headphones that will help protect one of your more delicate senses.

Buy our Drum Kits

Here at The Music Rooms, we have picked a selection of drum kits that are ideal for those just embarking on their musical journey:

 Mapex Tornado Rock/Fusion Drum Kit in Burgundy – TND5294FTC

Beginner Drum Kits - Mapex Tornado Burgundy Drum Kit


This is a complete 5 piece drum kit ideal for the entry-level drummer, that provides the great tone and quality build that you find in most Mapex gear.

You get 5 drums in shell sizes and also cymbals, pedals, stool and sticks.

This kit is covered in a durable burgundy wrap finish for a classic look that will stand out on any stage.

For a full-size starter kit, this has a great look and sound that should see you through those first gigs with ease.

This fantastic kit includes the following:


Performance Percussion PP250BLK 5 Piece Drum Kit 

Performance Percussion Drum Kit PP250 Black - Beginners Drum Kit


Here is another “all you need” kit from Performance Percussion that won’t break the bank and provides all the essential items that you need to get you started drumming straight away. The shells are a quality build, sturdy and the kit itself is pretty straightforward to assemble for beginners. You can pick this kit up in either classic black or cool blue.

This full-sized kit includes:

  • 22″ x 16″ Bass Drum, 6 lugs per side, fold-out spurs
  • Telescopic Adjustable Spurs Rubber/Spike Tips
  • 13″ x 11″ Tom Tom, 5 lugs per side
  • 12″ x 10″ Tom Tom, 5 lugs per side
  • 14″ x 5.4″ Wood Snare, 6 lugs per side;16″ x 16″ Floor Tom Tom, 6 lugs per side
  • Double Braced Stand, Snare, Hi-Hat and Cymbal
  • Chain Driven 2-piece Bass Drum Pedal
  • 1 pair 12″ Hi-Hat Cymbals
  • 1 x 14″ Crash Cymbal
  • 1 x Double Braced Drum Stool
  • Memory Locks; Drum Key
  • Sticks
  • Instruction Manual

Performance Percussion Drums 5pc Fusion Drum Kit


Like most of the Performance Percussion gear, this kit offers the beginner a quality drum kit at an excellent price. If you are fresh to the world of drumming then you may find a fusion kit is just what you need as you can play fusion music, which can be rock, jazz, funk or a combination of musical styles. This is especially useful if you haven’t really identified your musical style yet. These kits sit somewhere between the smaller jazz set and the standard rock and roll set in size so can be easier for tuning and travelling. 

We provide these amazing kits in 2 colours including black and silver.

This package includes:

  • Bass Drum: 20″ x 16″, 6 Lugs Per Side
  • Floor Tom: 14″ x 14″, 6 Lugs Per Side
  • Tom: 10″ x 8″, 5 Lugs Per Side
  • Tom: 12″ x 9″, 5 Lugs Per Side
  • Snare Drum: 14″x 5″ 6 Lugs, Wood Shell
  • Bass Drum Pedal• Snare Drum Stand – double-braced
  • Hi-Hat Cymbals: 12″ Pair
  • Crash Cymbal: 14″
  • Drum Stool: Adjustable
  • Drum Key
  • Drum Sticks


Performance Percussion Drums Junior 3 Piece Drum Kit


If you are looking to get young children into drumming then this is a great kit for the small beatmaker in your life. This set from Performance Percussion comes in a cool metallic blue and is suitable for kids aged 4 and above.

This beginner kit includes:

  • Bass Drum: 13″ x 8″
  • Tom: 8″ x 5″
  • Snare Drum: 10″ x 5″
  • 2 x Tom Tom Holders
  • Cymbal Stand
  • Cymbal: 8″
  • Bass Drum Pedal
  • Drum Stool
  • Drum Key
  • Drum Sticks
  • Instruction/Assembly Leaflet

Buy our Electronic Drum Kits

Alesis Nitro Mesh Electronic Drum Kit

Alesis Command Mesh SE Kit - Electronic Drum KIt


Things have improved dramatically since the first commercial electronic drum kit was produced in the late 1970s so it’s no surprise that you’ll find more and more drummers using an electronic drum kit. They are easier to transport, quick to soundcheck, and can offer a huge range of sonic variety that is popular in large amounts of modern music today. The Alesis Nitro mesh kit is packed full of features like play along and built-in preset kits that allow you to quickly adapt and switch between music styles. Those Mesh heads have a great natural feel and are super quiet which means you can practice any time of the day.

The beginner electronic drum kit includes:

  1. 8” Dual-Zone Mesh Snare Pad
  2. 3 x 8” Mesh Tom Pads
  3. 10″ Hi-Hat Pad
  4. 10″ Crash Pad with Choke Capability
  5. 10″ Ride Pad
  6. Kick Pad Tower
  7. Kick Pedal
  8. Hi-Hat Pedal
  9. 4-Post Aluminum Rack
  10. Cable Snake
  11. Cable Wrap Strips
  12. Drum Key
  13. Drum Sticks
  14. Power Supply

 Other Features include:

  1. Quiet, dynamically responsive mesh pads
  2. 40 ready-to-play classic and modern kits—385 drum and cymbal sounds
  3. 60 built-in play-along tracks, sequencer, metronome, and performance recorder
  4. CD/MP3 aux input to play along with your own songs
  5. USB/MIDI connection for virtual instruments and recording software
  6. MIDI in and out ports connect directly to stand-alone MIDI gear
  7. Stereo line outputs and headphone output

These are just a couple of options to get you thinking about starting your musical adventure on the drums and don’t forget we provide several tuition options, either in person at the store or we do online tuition via smartphone, tablet or computer. If you are looking and tips and advice on tuning and drum maintenance check out our other article here.

Famous Quote by American Drummer

Buddy Rich was considered one of the most influential drummers of all time!

You only get better by playing. If you think you stink, you probably do. I consider every drummer that ever played before me an influence, in every way.” – Buddy Rich

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